Puppers and Essential Oils

September 2, 2018

Have you heard all of the recent buzz about essential oils? Maybe you're familiar with them from a DoTerra or Young Living rep, have used them for years, have smelled them in our store, or are essentially clueless. Pun intended.


We are proud to offer the full Blue Heeler Home Health line at Soggy Doggy Shop! (And yes, their Blue blend is what all of you have been smelling in the shop!) Check out the line next time you're at the store and take home a little zen.


In the meantime, our friends at Blue Heeler Home Health have some insights on why you'll want to think about using their products for a clean home and healthy pup.


Healthy Home

Bathroom Scrubber Add 5 drops of lime or grapefruit oil to 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar and start scrubbing away. The baking soda will act as a gentle, natural abrasive, the vinegar will clean, and the antibacterial properties of the oils will take care of the rest. Great for use in tubs, showers, and sinks.


Clean Air Diffusing the Blue blend will help to freshen your air an leave your home, office, or room smelling amazing.


General Spray Cleaner Add 3-5 drops each of lemon and grapefruit oil to a spray bottle filled with warm water and spray to naturally clean and disinfect surfaces like countertops.


Kitchen Odor Picture this: pan-seared salmon is on the menu for dinner. You really want to impress your guest, and that includes having your kitchen not reek of salmon 90 minutes after you're done cooking. Grab a small pot, fill with water, add 2-3 drops of clove, lemon, or cinnamon oil, and bring pot to a simmer. Now if only we could figure out how to get this idea to clean up your dishes...


Liven Up Your Laundry By adding 10-20 drops of your favorite oil you can naturally bring an amazing scent to every load. Our favorite is to add lavender in with bedding: AH-MAZ-ING. A drop can also be added to a dryer sheet for the tumbling process.

Making Vacuuming FUN OK, maybe that's taking it a bit far. But your home will be clean AND smell amazing all in one step! Fun, right?! Just add 5-10 drops of your fav oil to a new vacuum bag and you're good to go. Use a canister or bagless vacuum? No worries; use 2-3 drops on a clean dust cup or filter.


Mold Gross. No one wants mold, the odor of mold, or anything about it in their home. Tea tree oil is your bff here: diffuse it in a musty room or add 3-5 drops to a spray bottle filled with warm water and apply directly to mold. (Remember, mold can be toxic. Consult with a pro if your model problem is too much to tackle!)


Refresh a Room Quickly If you have to get a room smelling extra good extra quick, use 1 or 2 cotton balls with a drop of lemon or lime oil and place them someplace discrete. (Remember, if you have small humans or animals, placing the cotton balls on the floor is NOT advisable.)


Shower Scum It's mold, pure and simple. So here comes tea tree to the rescue again, paired up with its partner in crime eucalyptus. Add 4 drops of each oil to a spray bottle filled with warm water and spray away. Guaranteed to smell better than anything with harsh chemicals!


Smoke Odors If there's a stale, smokey odor hanging around, our Smokey Puppy is here to fix it for you. Add 6-10 drops to your diffuser, or 10-12 drops to a spray bottle filled with warm water and spritz around the house.


Trashcan Stench At the bottom of your kitchen trash cans, put a cotton ball with 1-2 drops of our Clean Puppy blend. This will help to detoxify the contents and battle any odor that may try to escape into your home.


Look for future blog posts on tips for Healthy You and Healthy Pup. And stop into our shop in Wexford, Pennsylvania to find doggie-safe essential oil blends from Blue Heeler Home Health!











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