You Got a Puppy for Christmas! Now What?

January 11, 2018


After the thrill of puppy kisses on Christmas morning wears off, the real work of puppy parenthood begins.  In addition to potty training and teaching your new family member to walk on a leash, puppies should be introduced to basic grooming regimens. 


Your puppy’s first trip to a professional groomer should occur when he is about 10 to 12 weeks old or after the second round of vaccines.  But before scheduling that first appointment, some prep work needs to be done at home. 


The key is to acclimate your puppy to the various sounds, smells and sensations that come with grooming.  For a puppy, the doggie spa can be an intimidating place. Start the following while your pup is young to build his confidence and comfort level!


~ The best way to get started is to fill your tub with a little water and introduce the concept of a bath.  Squirt a little shampoo on a washcloth and allow your puppy to sniff and smell the suds. Keep the entire tub time experience pleasant and calm.


~ A life-long routine of dental hygiene is critical. Start with a little dab of toothpaste on your finger and let your puppy taste it. Remember, don’t use human toothpaste!


~ Let your puppy sniff and play with his brush and comb for a few seconds. Brush his coat a few times, then reward your puppy with a treat and lots of praise. Each day increase the number of brush strokes.


~ Play with your puppy’s ears often by touching them on the inside and the outside. This is important as it will make it easier for the groomer to clean and remove ear hair. Check ups at the vet will be more pleasant too!


Soggy Doggy Shop sells puppy bags that have all of the things you need as a new pup owner including: a brush/comb, nail clippers, training treats, grooming products, and suggestions for local vets, dog walkers, kennels, and more! Puppy bags are only $29.99 each. Stop in to pick one up today!


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