Are You Spoiling Your Dog with Too Many Treats?

November 12, 2017


That adorable tail wagging, bootie shaking dance your dog performs to get a treat fills your heart with utter joy. Every. Single. Time. Giving a treat to your pet is an act of love and friendship and a reward for good behavior.  But are you spoiling your pup with too many treats?  Is that even a thing?!?


Unfortunately, many pet parents are guilty of shelling out too many daily treats. Dog treats should make up just 10% of your dog’s total caloric intake.  The more treats you give your dog, the more weight they will gain; especially if the treats are low quality.


Obesity can wreak havoc on your dog’s health and gobbling up treats filled with unwanted chemicals and animal by-products aren’t helping your fur baby’s overall wellness.  Treats made of REAL ingredients and REAL meat will provide your dog with nutritious enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that a milk bone lacks. Sojo’s freeze-dried treats are a top pick for offering real morsels of venison, turkey, lamb, and boar -- and they are made here in the USA!


Noshing on too many treats can also cause tummy trouble. If your dog vomits often or experiences daily diarrhea, it could be a result of eating treats that contain allergens.  You don’t have to eliminate treats if your pooch has a sensitive stomach or dietary restrictions, but you should introduce higher-quality treats.  Portland Pet Food Company, for example, offers gluten-free treats featuring pumpkin and bacon, and the all-natural jerky from Etta Says includes ingredients that are easy to digest like quinoa, duck, and blueberries. 


Generally, treats should be given based on your dog’s size and weight. For example:

  • 1 to 2 treats daily for small breeds

  • Up to 3 treats a day for medium breeds

  • No more than 5 daily treats for large breeds

TIP: If your dog is giving you the side eye glance because treats are being limited, try breaking one treat into several small bits that can be given throughout the day.

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