Essential Oils 101: Aromatherapy for Your Best Furry Friend

September 23, 2017


The Soggy Doggy Shop loves getting ‘thank you’ kisses from our furry clients and hearing sweet compliments from pet parents about how nice the boutique always smells. How does a self-service dog wash not smell of wet dog all the time?  The secret is…essential oils.  That’s right, essential oils are blended and diffused daily to purify the air as well as provide aromatherapy for our furry clients.


While nature’s purest botanicals are highly effective as a doggie smell deodorizer, essential oils are also beneficial to your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing. Because essential oils can be absorbed through hair follicles and inhalation, dogs respond very well to aromatherapy.


Essential oils have been shown to calm a dog’s anxiety during thunderstorms, vet visits and even car rides! They can also be used to soothe muscle ache and pains due to injury or old age.  Aromatherapy oils can also help with tummy trouble, infections, fleas, and ear aches.


Unlike synthetic chemicals or drugs, essential oils do not accumulate in the body. Once inhaled or applied topically, the plant constituents from the essential oils enter the blood stream and are distributed to various tissues. They are excreted via urine, feces, and perspiration. Cool, right?!


Because different oils can be blended to create a variety of scents and healing properties, there is a bit of fun science behind aromatherapy.  We have received a number of compliments each day about the oils we use in the store, and are excited to let you know we will soon be carrying the line in our store! Look for the line to appear at the start of November.


In the meantime, talk to your vet before starting an aromatherapy treatment for your pooch. As with anything related to your pet, there are safety rules to follow in terms of dosage and application.




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