Pro Tips from Rachel: Do’s and Don'ts for Blow Drying Your Fur Baby

July 15, 2017


The average pet owner usually doesn’t usually invest in a professional grade, groomer-approved blow dryer to use on Fido after bath time.  So, many pet parents often ask if a human hair dryer will get the job done. 


You see, dog-specific dryers don’t actually generate heat. They shoot air at a high speed to blast water from the dog’s coat and free loose hair to reduce excess shedding. The blow dryer us humans use to style our locks operates on heat versus power, which is where things can get tricky. Yes, your hair dyer can be used on your dog, but there are some do’s and don’ts to follow.



  • Let your dog do some of the work before blow drying begins. In less than 4 seconds, dogs can shake up to 70% of the water from their fur. This ensures less time in front of the blow dryer.

  • Keep the nozzle of your hair dryer at least 10 inches away from your dog's body.

  • Operate your hair dryer on the lowest possible speed.


  • Keep the air flow focused on one section of your dog for an extend period of time.  The air flow should be in constant motion to ensure you don’t burn the dog’s skin.

  • Use the hot setting - ever. Keep your hair dryer on cool or the lowest possible heat setting.  Remember, your dog can’t tell you if the heat is too hot.

Before you embark of your first doggie blow out, you should take the proper steps to get your dog used to the sounds and sensation of the blow dryer. It’s best to tackle this introduction in stages. First, arm yourself with plenty of treats and let your dog experience the hair dryer turned off and turned on. The next step is blowing the air on your dog from a far distance and working your way closer to his/her body. The goal is to ensure your dog does not fear the blow dryer so, take it slow and stop often to give praise, affection, and lots kisses.





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