Pro Tips from Rachel: How Often to Groom Different Dog Breeds

May 27, 2017

The frequency of bathing, brushing, and grooming is a question we get asked often here at the Soggy Doggy Shop. Rachel is here to help shed some light on how often your furry canine friend needs professional TLC.



Grooming requirements are largely based on your dog’s breed, coat and outdoor activity:


1. Short Hair: From French Bulldogs and Pitt Bulls to Labs and Boxers, a weekly brushing to remove dead, dull hair will help keep that short coat slick and shiny. A pawdicure should occur monthly, but you can stretch it to every two months if your pup walks/runs frequently on concrete. Bath time should occur every 4-8 weeks to keep your dog’s skin and coat in great condition.


2.  Long Hair: Curly locks and long fur are a recipe for knots and severe matting.  Pet parents to breeds such as Labradoodle, Shih Tzu, or Bichon should dedicate time each day to a good combing.  Every six weeks, a trip to the groomer should be scheduled to keep your furbaby healthy and looking great.


3. Double Coat: The German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and husky breeds are examples of working dogs who enjoy water and don’t mind getting muddy. Their furry undercoats contain natural oils that help repel dirt, but they still need professional care every 4-8 weeks. A brushing two or three times a week is highly recommended to keep fluffy coats in top condition and free of debris.


Whether your pup sports a long or short coat, some breeds have a genetic disposition that makes them more susceptible to certain ailments. Here are a few conditions to keep in mind when grooming:


· Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, for example, are especially susceptible to ear infections. Those adorable floppy ears cover the ear canal providing an ideal environment for yeast and bacteria, so cleanings every six weeks is the best medicine. Soggy Doggy Shop will always clean your dog’s ears with any full-service grooming.

· The Chihuahua, Pekingese and Pug have protruding eyes making these breeds much more sensitive to eye infections. These little guys need help from their human to keep crusty eye boogers and tear stains at bay. The best method for this is a warm washcloth at the corner of the eye to loosen the buildup.

· Don’t blow off regular teeth cleanings if your dog is a breed prone to dental health issues. The Yorkshire Terrier is known for chronic bad breath, while the Shetland Sheepdog encounters a host of genetic dental issues due to its long, slender muzzle. The groomers at Soggy Doggy hop will be happy to brush your pup’s pearly whites for $10.


Grooming improves your pet’s quality of life. If you have specific questions about grooming your dog, give the Soggy Doggy Shop a call and ask how often your fur baby needs professional pampering.

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