How Pet Parents Can Survive Shedding Season

April 18, 2017


Bringing a dog into your home means wet kisses, loving companionship, and dog hair, lots of dog hair.  Throughout the year, all dogs naturally lose old or damaged hair by shedding.  Some breeds, however, are chronic shedders. Arming yourself with a lint brush and the Lamborghini of vacuum cleaners is no match for a fully-grown husky shedding its thick winter coat! 


It’s no secret that “bathe, brush, repeat” is the best defense against tumbleweeds of dog hair floating across the kitchen floor.  Regular baths encourage loose fur to fall out in the tub (rather than on your furniture) and prevents flea problems, which can lead to incessant scratching and more loose hair.  


A good brushing plays an important role in redistributing a dog’s natural skin oils and helps produce a strong, healthy coat with fur that stays in place. Choosing the right tools to use at home will ensure brushing is making an impact on your shedding problem. For example:


  • Bristle brushes are best for short-haired, smooth-coated dog breeds such as many terriers, Pugs, and Boxers.

  • Slicker brushes with tiny, tightly-packed short wire pins are ideal for medium or curly hair, including retrievers and Cocker Spaniels.

  • A rake will produce the best results on breeds with long hair and thick undercoats, such as Collies, Australian Shepherds, and Corgis.


Nutrition can also play a role in excessive shedding. After all, dry doggy skin means extra scratching and extra hair flying around your house.  Try serving your fur baby a quality dog food rich in nutrients to ensure healthy, hydrated skin from the inside out.  An unlimited supply of clean water and the occasional moisture-rich human treat, such as seedless apples, cucumbers and bananas, will further contribute to maximum hydration.


If you really want to get ahead of shedding season, Soggy Doggy Shop offers a professional de-shedding treatment that combines an expert brushing with natural de-shedding products. It will leave your pup’s coat silky smooth and have you picking less dog hair off your favorite black pants.



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