Pro Tips from Rachel: Beauty Treatments to Leave to the Pros

March 27, 2017


A dog relies on its human companion to provide the basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, exercise, and love (lots of love)!  Dogs also depend on their owners to keep them healthy and out of harm’s way.  While many of these responsibilities can be easily managed on the home front, there are a handful of tasks pet owners should not try at home.


No matter how many “how to” videos you watched on YouTube, Rachel the Soggy Doggy Shop groomer recommends leaving these treatments to the professionals.



Step away from the scissors. Humans should refrain from grabbing a pair of craft scissors to trim a dog’s facial hair or remove matted fur. Giving your bangs a quick trim at home doesn’t necessarily qualify you to cut the overgrown fur around your dog’s eyes, mouth or toes. Even with a steady hand, it’s not safe as you could unintentionally poke, nick or seriously injure your fur baby.


Avoid the rear end. When taking a daily poo, dogs naturally express their anal glands. Sometimes, however, the fluid builds up and the anal glands become engorged. When this happens, expressing anal glands should be left to a professional. Rachel checks the glands on all smaller-breed dogs as part of a full-service bath or grooming, and upon request, she will check a larger-breed pup while she is bathing them. When glands become impacted and infected a visit to the vet is the best bet for you and your pup.


Give up the pawdicure. Your dog’s toe nails serve an important function so a nail trimming is all about getting the perfect length without hitting the quick - the area maintaining blood supply inside the dog’s toe nail. Dogs have sensitive feet, so a four-paw pedicure that draws blood will be an emotional event for you and your pup.  To be clear, accidentally clipping the quick is more startling then medically dangerous. It’s better to skip all the drama and ask a grooming expert to give your dog a proper pedi.


As you can see, not all doggy maintenance is glamorous.  It may be difficult for some pet parents to turn their fur baby over to a stranger, but sometimes it’s necessary (and safer) to seek professional assistance. Give Soggy Doggy Shop a call; we’ll be glad to help your fuzz nugget look (and feel!) great.

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