Why You Shouldn’t Use People Shampoo on Your Pooch

May 1, 2018

Take a quick look around your bathroom. There is a good chance that every family member has their own shampoo. A “no tears” formula for the kiddos, a 2-in-1 product for the man of the house and a color preserve brand for the misses. Humans have individual needs and dogs do too.


Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve shared your favorite shampoo with Fido, but it’s important to know that dogs really need their own beauty products.  Human shampoo is different from dog shampoo in many ways:

  • There are too many perfumes and chemicals, which can dry and irritate your dog’s skin

  • It strips the layer of acidic oil that protects a dog’s skin from bacteria, parasites, and viruses

  • There are key ingredients missing to deodorize your dog and promote whitening or de-shedding

  • It’s specially formulated to soften hair making haircuts a challenge for certain breeds

It comes down to this: dogs have a difficult time replenishing natural oils that are removed from acidic human shampoos.  Once pH levels are imbalanced, your dog will develop dry, itchy skin, which will likely lead to a vicious cycle of scratching, hot spots, sores and infections.


Soggy Doggy Shop Before your dog’s next bath, pet parents should invest in a doggy shampoo. While shopping, look for products containing lavender, peppermint oil, tea tree oil or eucalyptus. Not only will these ingredients make Fido smell good, they are great for naturally replenishing skin oils. Plus, they work as an insect repellent. That’s a win-win-win! carries a number of essential oil-infused grooming products, such as the Pure + Good line. Come visit us in Wexford, Pennsylvania to find your dog's new favorite pampering product!


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