How to Bathe Your Dog Like a Pro

April 1, 2018

Dogs of all breeds need a good scrubbing from their favorite human to maintain a clean coat and healthy skin.  New pet pawrents (and even life-long dog owners) may not realize there is proper way to administer a dog bath. Your pooch may remain apprehensive when you first grab the shampoo, but this foolproof DIY routine will help you handle your soggy doggy like a pro.


Step 1: Brush. Matted hair holds water so work out the knots with a good brushing to avoid a tug of war in the tub.

Step 2: Baby Talk. Some dogs find bath time to be really scary, so it’s up to you to be reassuring. Be sure to talk to your fur baby in a calm and loving tone throughout the entire process.

Step 3: Get a Grip. Senior dogs will appreciate a towel or mat placed at the bottom of a slippery tub. This will provide extra grip and a feeling of security.

Step 4: Test the Water. Hot water can burn your dog’s skin and even cause larger dogs to overheat. Lukewarm water is safer and more comfortable for bath time.

Step 5: Grab a Companion.  If possible, grab an extra set of hands to keep your dog feeling calm and pampered during bath time.  

Step 6: Saving Face. Avoid dumping a bucket of water over your dog’s head.  Protect his/her ears and eyes by cleaning the face with a wet cloth.

Step 7: Lather up. Wet your dog completely (avoiding the face) and start shampooing from the neck down.  You can keep a collar on a skittish pup during bath time for added control.

Step 8: Rinse and Rinse. Rinse with clean water and then rinse some more. Flaking, scratching and skin irritations form when soap residue is left on the coat.

Step 9: Dry Out. A human blow dryer is far too hot for a dog’s skin. Towel dry to soak up excess water and either air dry or use a blow dryer especially designed for dogs.  

Step 10: Praise & Kisses. Following a bath, shower your dog with rewards, treats, praise and lots of kisses. This will help your dog associate bath time with positive vibes.


Remember, keep bath time fun and positive. If you hate the experience, so will your dog.  If washing your pup yourself seems too daunting, treat them to a professional grooming here at Soggy Doggy Shop! Call (724) 719-2788 to check pricing and get onto the schedule.


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