Save Your Tub! Why Self-Service Dog Washes are Trending with Pet Parents

March 1, 2018

The messy aftermath of bathing your dog at home - wet floors, a pile of smelly towels, and a dirty tub – is a thing of the past with DIY dog washes. Self-service locations offer busy pet parents a ton of benefits, including the use of fresh towels, great smelling shampoo, and professional grade blow dryers. It’s a time saver too, considering no appointments are necessary and there is no clean up to worry about.  While self-serve dog washes are not a new concept, the Soggy Doggy Shop did find a way to improve the experience and solve a few problems along the way.  


Bathing your pup in a semi-private space is a big perk exclusive to the Wexford, Pennsylvania boutique.  Each bathing station features a colorful 7-feet high wall to separate dogs from their sudsy neighbor. This simple solution reduces visual stimulation, which is especially helpful for dogs who get agitated or super excited by the sight of a fellow canine. The thoughtful design also creates an extra safe and comfortable space for bath time bonding.


The Soggy Doggy Shop also features state-of the-art, self-lift washing tubs. The spacious tubs can be lowered to the ground to easily load in a pup of any size or age.  Plus, the ability to adjust the tub height to accommodate tall and short humans is a lifesaver for aching knees and backs.  Say goodbye to lifting your dog in and out of the tub or hunching over to give your fur baby a good rinse!

The small touches at the Soggy Doggy Shop, including complimentary aprons for humans, a choice of shampoos with essential oils, and a handicap accessible bathing station are leaving a lasting impression on dogs and owners alike.  The shop is open six days a week and features multiple washing bays so there is never a long wait time.


All dogs are welcomed so save your tub and visit the Soggy Doggy Shop!



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