Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I SCHEDULE A GROOMING APPOINTMENT? We have a few ways for you to do it, choose whichever you prefer!
  • Call or text (724) 719-2788
  • Click here to submit a new customer inquiry form
WHAT INFO DO I NEED TO PROVIDE FOR BOOKING? It's not an extensive list, but it's an important one! 
  • Your name and contact information;
  • Your pup's name, breed, birthday, and weight;
  • Information on any health or behavioral issues; and
  • The name of the vet your pup sees.
WHAT'S THE GROOMING PROCESS LIKE? We try to make grooming as enjoyable as possible for your pup! When you drop your dog off with us they head right back into our grooming area and are welcomed with many coos and excitement! Each pup is bathed twice (once for the skin, once for the coat) and smells amazing at the end. We then work our magic in getting each pup's coat nice and dry. If your dog is here for a haircut it's off to the table of one of our amazing groomers for a full makeover. All groomed pups are topped off with a seasonal bandanna and are sent home snuggle-ready!
HOW LONG DOES THE GROOMING TAKE? It depends on what type of pup you have! Dog breeds such as Labs, Boxers, and other short-haired dogs that never get haircuts are typically with us for 2 hours. Our smaller friends who typically get haircuts (such as Pomeranians, Maltese, and Cavaliers) will be 3 hours with us, while their larger buddies (such as Doodles, Spaniels, and Goldens) will be with us 4 hours. Super-sized puppers (such as <>) will be closer to 5 hours. 
Due to our updated safety precautions and to help maintain social distancing, we will be limiting the number of self-washes.
Self-Washes by appointment only

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